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  • February 5, 2022 12:06 pm
  • New Mexico

Future of Joint Replacement


(((Monogram Orthopaedics))) 




$16.15M+ ($16,150,694+) 


(1/30-02/04)  $491K ($491,881+)


(1/22-01/28) $458K ($458,154+)


(01/15-01/22)  $549K ($549,236+)


(01/02-01/08)  $521K ($521,438+)


(12/26-01/01)  $273K ($272,653+)


10,180+ Investors // 72 New




$250.80/Min Investments


$89.9M VALUATION!!!!!


$34.9M Offering Max!!!





@John R Hume  


@Manosh k Sinha


11 Days Left

Monogram is a medical technology company ushering in the future of joint reconstruction. Monogram Orthopaedics is developing a product solution architecture to enable mass personalization of orthopaedic implants by linking 3D printing and robotics via automated digital image analysis algorithms. We are designing our state-of-the-art surgical robot with the aim of mitigating the risks of poor placement, fracture, and subsidence to give surgeons confidence that they can install implants that fit every patient – perfectly.



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