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  • December 26, 2021 9:15 pm
  • Texas

There is no sugar coating the profits in doughnuts.

Take a bite out of a $7.2 billion industry primed for independent takeover and own a business that brings joy to yourself and your community each and every day – it’s a wonderful trade and a very profitable business that can be monetized in many, many ways.

This is possible because I offer start-up turnkey donut business solutions but that is only part of what I do. The other part is to save you money, time and mistakes because you are not alone on journey to enter the donut business.

My name is Lester Chastain a professional donut maker and business consultant now for the past 2 decades. Within that time I have opened dozens of successful donut businesses for clients – I know the donut business because I teach people to make donuts and open donut businesses for a living. It’s the first and only trade I have ever known.

Today, I offer you the opportunity to take your local donut market by storm but it all starts with you taking 1 minute to discover genuine business opportunity by visiting my website or contact me directly.

You will be enriched and happy when you contacted me because I will share with you 100% proof of successful donut businesses I opened, business that are wildly successful. I will also give you one of my top selling donut training courses and a free eBook that I am the sole author of!

Welcome To the World of Donuts!

Lester Chastain
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