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  • August 24, 2022 5:06 am
  • California

We’ve all been there: summer finally decided to come, and suddenly our home became a greenhouse, collecting heat all day and then storing it overnight, resulting in sleepless nights.

Before you rush to your local Robert Dyas store or start browsing online for instant cooling satisfaction, here are some handy tips to consider when shopping for a fan that, when used properly, will help cool your home or office, And avoid the need to consider more expensive and larger solutions, such as air conditioners.

How much does a good quality cooling fan cost?
You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your cool, but for those looking to invest more, it’s often a “what you pay for” situation, which we’ll dive into further below. As a rule of thumb, basic fans cost under £20, then prices rise to more expensive options.

Which fan is right for you?
To help you buy the best fan, there are a few things to consider, such as the size of the room you want to cool, your design preferences and features. We’ve listed some options below for you to make the best choice.

What types of cooling fans are available?
Whether you have plenty of room for a fan or just want to make your desk area a little more comfortable, there is a fan design for you.

buy desktop cooling fans
desktop cooling fan
The desktop fan design is a classic cooling fan design with a compact base for desktop applications. The model may wiggle to help spread cooling air around, but if you want to cool an area o


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