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  • April 29, 2022 4:19 am
  • Texas

Magic mushrooms (also called shrooms or mushrooms) are a type of mushroom that contains the drugs psilocybin or psilocin. These drugs cause hallucinations. Psilocybin powder can also come in capsule form. You can eat mushrooms in fresh or dried form.

For most people, the world appears distorted when they take mushrooms. Colours, sounds, objects and even time can all seem very different.

Some people get mild hallucinations, which are also called ‘visuals’.

Taking mushrooms can make you feel:

  • very giggly
  • euphoric
  • in awe of the people and things around you
  • energised
  • excited

It can also make you feel:

  • paranoid
  • anxious
  • panicked
  • overwhelmed
  • like vomiting

How you feel will be affected by how much you take, your surroundings, who you’re with and how comfortable you are with them, as well as by your mood.

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