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Life Coach | Dolby Dharma Coach | California   

Dolby Dharma Coaching provides life coaching services; she is a board-certified life coach guiding your journey to self-love and self-awareness. The Comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there. So get out of it and stay committed till you reach your goal!    

It may be helpful to look at change as a commitment to oneself rather than   self-discipline and willpower to conquer. For change to happen and be sustainable, there needs to be a strong passion and commitment.   

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Commitment is what transforms a promise, hope, dream, or goal into reality. If you are serious about achieving your goals, objectives, and desires, you must commit to them and yourself one hundred percent. You might wonder how do you develop this kind of commitment to yourself.  First, you might want to notice when you are doing the ‘if only in your mind. I.e., if only I had enough time, if only I felt better etc. 

We can only meet ourselves and the world in the mindset we believe ourselves to be. If and when we notice we are in the “if only mindset,” we can change it to ‘I can do this thinking. If you cannot ‘muster’ up an ‘I got this attitude about your goal or self, it probably isn’t a very passionate one. If there’s no passion, what’s the point?

Keep it as a wish or fantasy if you like, but be aware that it is just a wish and not a goal of change.



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