WordPress Create Design And Development
  • November 20, 2022 6:49 am
  • California

Kwork Overview

Create a business site / E-commerce site on WordPress.

I create and develop only modern and business websites only.

Displayed correctly in various devices.

I work both with template options, and I can develop a website with an individual design for your requirements. The ordered site will be placed on your domain and hosting.


To get started, the seller needs:

1. Domain and Hosting. Hosting stores all sites files, Database, and a domain addresses, for example www.google.com

2. List of pages to create. Home, Menu, Contact us, About Us, etc.

3. Materials for filling the site( text, photo, color images choose their own).

4. Logo and icon ( i can create them as a bonus if you want ).

5. Contact information for the site as phone number, e-mail, address, social links etc.

Type: eCommerce Website

CMS: WordPress

Programming Language: PHP

PHP Framework: No Framework

JavaScript Interface: No
CSS Used: Yes

CSS Framework: Pure

Database Used: Yes

Database Type: MySQL


  • Category : Domestic, Personal & IT
  • Service Type : Pest Control


  • https://kwork.com/web-development/17537147/i-will-create-design-wordpress-website?ref=11440044