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  • February 21, 2022 8:37 pm
  • Alabama

FIREBUSD is a passive income token similar to DRIP. 1460% APR        



How to invest in FIREBUSD?     

Enter BUSD into the machine and earn daily staking rewards in FIREBUSD tokens (2% per day). You can claim your FIREBUSD rewards at anytime. You cannot unstake your BUSD tokens.      


In what I get the daily percentage?        
You will earn FIREBUSD tokens as a percentage of BUSD invested irrespective of the FIREBUSD Price.         


How does the token value increase?        

The value of the token increases with the investments in busd in the platform, and with the increase of tokens inserted in staking.        


How does the stake work?           

If you invest 100 BUSD you will receive 2 FIREBUSD per day 2. You have two options with your FIREBUSD tokens, you can sell them for BUSD, or you can stake them to earn more FIREBUSD tokens (4% per day). FIREBUSD staking is locked for 7 days.          


Can I make multiple deposits?        

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of your deposits.       


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