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  • December 18, 2021 11:10 pm
  • Alabama

Earth View has transformed the NFT market to give intentional art a stage and create NFTs that cultivate communication and hold their value. Our inspiring NFT’s depict the journeys of 30 characters, using compelling hand-drawn illustrations that provide a powerful account of personal life.


Everybody must overcome obstacles at some point in life. Earth View collectibles share historical tales of those who have beaten the odds and prevailed over suffering and hardship.We’ve captured these triumphant stories and brought them to life!


Collect one of 30 unique characters—a child persona with historical significance. Each one-of-a-kind collectible conveys emotions and traits inspired by your character’s journey through struggle and survival. Unlike mass-production NFTs, our small-batch collections are released weekly, making them more treasured and valuable.


More information at: https://earth-view.co.uk


START COLLECTING: https://opensea.io/EarthView


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