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  • February 13, 2022 2:48 am
  • California

We are a Meme coin with a true utility of mining dogecoin and litecoin.

Antis Inu will be the next meme coin to compete for top dog in the crypto space. Antis Inu strives to set a new standard for development and leadership in the world of memecoins while creating tangible value and longevity in a space that is solely reliant on the network effect.  


Join ANTIS INU Official Website: https://antisinu.com 


Antis Inu will be developing applications and games to increase community exposure and to add more utility to the project. Antis has already began the development of Cryptogram. Cryptogram will be the safest form of communication for crypto projects in existence. In short, Cryptogram will be the Telegram of crypto projects. Antis has also finished their first game at the request of the community. This game can be accessed through the link below. During World War II, the famous dog Antis was the first canine to fly as part of military air raids. He will now be raiding the blockchain and taking back what is rightfully his. The Shiba Inu species almost went extinct towards the end of World War II from air raids led by Antis. Antis will not fail his mission this time around.  


ANTIS INU All Platform on Here: https://linktr.ee/antisinu


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