Stay Safe While Buying or Selling Online


Don’t give out your information!

Never give out your personal information such as your home address, paypal info, or your credit care information until you feel you are comfortable doing so. Be sure to have someone accompany you when you are making an in person transaction with someone.

Meet in a public place.

Sometimes it is best to meet in a public place rather than your home address when possible. Public places such as a police station, gas station, or grocery store will usually have cameras in place, so if you have any issues this could be very useful.

Bring Backup.

Always bring backup with you to pick up items or if you are selling items. Never meet someone alone that you do not know! Having someone with you will lesson your changes of any type of conflict. 


Only bring enough cash for your purchase!

Get A Receipt!

Try to get a receipt for your purchase. Be sure it has the seller/buyers information on it, so if you have issues you know who to contact. Even a piece of paper with buy/sellers phone numbers, names, and address is better than nothing at all!